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Anyone Lose More than a Pound a Day on HCG

Coach Terri's Comments: I am aware of someone who did lose more than one pound a day on HCG. Probably more the exception than the rule. He lost, on average, 3 pounds per day using the same HCG product that I offer. Simply amazing.

However, my real concern comes in when you want to lose more than a pound a day. Most programs don’t come anywhere near those results.

The 3 pounds a day is more an exception than the general rule. My personal experience is about 5 pounds of fat lost every 7 days. And for me is incredible.

If you follow the program EXACTLY and follow the HCG Protocol as outlined, you are likely lose a pound per day. That being said, most people do stretch the program guidelines, I certainly did, so the results are a bit less but still quite impressive.

In my not so humble opinion and after losing the weight I did, I am so totally happy with the results. I have never found anything else with which you can get such incredible results.

I think the real gem in all of this is that you learn to make healthier food choices based on what you can eat. You get rid of the junk food in your diet and eat 4 fruits and vegetables, a day plus your lean protein and water intake. Most people do not get that in when eating normally.

When completing the program, you are instructed to eat in the same manner, just increasing the quantities, and allowing for healthy fat in your diet while maintaining the same type of foods. This in and of itself can keep you healthier and staying slim for a lifetime. If you go back to your old eating habits with this or any program, you are likely to regain what you lost.

Get rid of your one pound a day and focus on good health through weight loss.

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May 14, 2016

by: Terri

Great job Sarah! Good to hear you had good results using alternative protein choices.

Oct 12, 2015
good information
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the information and the person regarding you are talking about who lost one pound a day, as compared to the ones who lost 2 - 3 pounds a week. You could say that it could be due to the increase in the metabolism. I think it is one among many. I would follow the rules of what the average person would lose when he or she is on diet.

Sep 15, 2015
good post
by: Anonymous

I think when you want to lose more than a pound a day. Most programs don’t come anywhere near those results. Happy to find this website.

Jun 02, 2015
Lost more than a pound a day
by: Sarah S

Hello -

I am on day 4 VLCD Round 2 Phase 2,and have had incredible results this time. The first time I did the HcG diet, which was over a year ago, I lost an average of .79 ounces a day and had a total loss of 27 pounds, which I was VERY happy with. I hate lean fish and chicken for my protein. After the diet, I stopped eating meat. So this time on the diet, I have been eating tofu, cottage cheese and eggs for my protein. Here are my results, so far...
DAY 1 VLCD weighed 161
DAY 2 VLCD weighed 159 (-2)
Day 3 VLCD weighed 157.3 (-1.70)
Day 4 VLCD weighed 153.7 (-3.60)

Total weight released for 4 days is 7.30. I think it is the fact that cottage cheese, tofu and eggs break down quicker and are less calories, so I use the remainder of the calories for my veggies. I hope this keeps up because I want to be down to 120 this time. I am on 5 feet tall.

So excited with my results!!!!!!

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