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By Terri David

Terri's Before and After on the HCG Diet Plan and Weight Loss Program

Welcome to the HCG Diet Cafe with your host Coach Terri. Can you lose weight fast on it? Yes, you can. I personally lost over 40 pounds in 9 weeks. That was over 5 pounds per week on average.

Is this going to be the right program for you? Yes it certainly can be, if you want it to be the right program for you. You have to decide you want to do it, follow the protocol and stick to it. So once you provide the motivation, guess what, you will be thinner in a very short time.

What I promise to do is to share with you as much information as possible about the HCG weight loss program so you can get of your unwanted fat, like I did.

Is It Easy?

You better believe it's easy. However, it takes a does of mental fortitude to stick with it, but then again, doesn't any diet or fat loss program.

So I have shared the program with my friends. Well, it's probably more like, they saw my fat disappearing and couldn't help but ask about the change. The biggest question I have gotten from folks is "aren't you hungry when you eat according to the plan?" My answer is, "yes, I am hungry but only as hungry as I normally get."

They have been absolutely surprised at how they aren't hungry either. I think my friend Elaine said it best, "I am not hungry but I want to eat." And considering this is a very low calorie diet, for her to say she isn't hungry is quite a statement.

Another friend, Kristen, said something similar, "I am surprised I am not hungry."

So if you are ready to get rid of some fat pretty quickly, this is sooooo the way to do it.

My Favorite Part

My favorite part about the whole HCG Diet program is how I could easily stay on it with just a bit of self inflicted mind control. Now, most diets are hard to stay on because you don't see much in the way of results after the first week. If you are like me, you can stay on it so much easier when you can see the results. And once the results slow down, so does the will power.

With the HCG diet, you see results almost daily which makes it easy to stick to on a daily basis. Why? Because you know the next day, the scale will show a lower number than the day before. If you take just one day at a time, it pays off.

So I will leave you now to investigate the information. I don't have it all here yet but I do have it at another website, so I ask your patience while I transition the weight loss information here.

You can go to read more at HCG Fat Loss.

Wishing you the best,

Coach Terri

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