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Can alcohol be consumed while taking HCG shots?

Can you drink alcohol while taking hcg?

Coach Terri Really?? I appreciate the question but think about what you are asking. Alcoholic beverages are not part of the HCG weight loss plan.In addition, alcohol is taxing on the liver which metabolizes fat. Do you really want to diminish the work you liver can do when it comes to helping the fat burning process? Also, you are adding extra calories that will impair your results.

Alcohol depresses your system so your body will not function as effectively so you ability to burn calories will lessen.

The HCG program also has some cleansing side effects, adding alcohol will negate those.

The HCG protocol is very specific and limited, yet the results are incredible. The limitations are well worth it for a short time because of how fast your fat disappears and you lose the weight. .

Please do not jeopardize the potential fat loss you can achieve by adding alcohol into the mix.

If after having said all that, if you feel the need to have an alcoholic beverage on a regular basis, then this program is not for you.

So the simple answer to your question is no.

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Mar 31, 2015
That was rude
by: Anonymous

She was just asking a question. She didn't see the answer already given, so she asked. Geez. Lay off.

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