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Can you do the Master Cleanse And HCG at the same time?

by A Visitor

Coach Terri's Comments:I get this question a lot. Visitors want to know if you can do both the HCG diet program and the Master Cleanse at the same time.

Of course you can do them together, BUT I certainly would NOT and here is why.

While many people do the master cleanse for weight loss, it is really designed for cleansing. And one of the side effects is a decrease in how much you weigh. The HCG weight loss program is just the opposite. You are on it to lose pounds and inches and one of the side effects is cleansing.

My personal opinion is that both programs are highly effective for their primary purpose. And they are actually the best at what they are designed to do. The side effects are just that, beneficial side effects that can help your body in other ways.

Both programs work for different reasons.

HCG Diet
Moderate amount of protein
Moderate amount of complex carbohydrates
Targeted for fat loss
70-80% of the weight loss is fat
Needs the protein so minimal muscle mass is lost.

Master Cleanse
Simple carbohydrates with high mineral content
No protein
Targeted for cleansing
50% of the weight loss is fat
Muscle mass is lost.

Whichever program you choose, you are helping your body because being overweight is detrimental to your health and leads to a host of illnesses including diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. and being toxic can lead to many health issues such as cancer, autoimmune diseases and more.

So how do you know what to do? Which one should you do?
Decide on what your primary goal is and follow the program that best fits your objective.
Is your primary objective to get rid of the pounds and fat?
Then get started on the HCG Weight Loss Program.
Is your main goal to cleanse your body?
Then find out how to do the Master Cleanse.

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