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Can You Have Lamb on HCG Diet Phase 2?

Terri's Response: I am aware of folks having lamb on HCG Diet Phase 2 with no ill effect to the performance of the diet.

This is what I say when people ask me about unknown or undefined aspects of the food facet of any phase of the diet.

First of all, I usually don't allow any changes except minor veggie or fruit substitutions on Phase 2. Especially in the first few weeks.

Why? Don’t mess with success when it comes to losing weight fast. This program has been working for people since the 1950‘s. However, once you have been established on this phase of the protocol for a couple of weeks or so, you will lose at a more or less stable rate.

NOW you can try an experimental food -- usually a veggie or fruit that has not been blessed by Dr. Simeon's protocol or a follow-up researcher.

Whether or not you keep it on your food regimen is up to you to decide. If you continue to lose without noticeable effect -- basically stay at your stable rate of loss -- you can keep the food on your diet.

If however, it is not acceptable to your body, you will usually experience a return of cravings; lethargy; brain fog; digestion tract gas; bloating, etc. and no loss of weight or even a gain during that test day.

So your best bet is to get a stable rate of weight loss established first without varying form the program. The protocol is very specific and you will notice a difference in your success if you don’t stick close to it.

As I say to my friends, “it’s very easy to be tempted but I know if I eat according to the plan that tomorrow I will lose about a pound.” That always talks me into staying on the program without deviation.

I also find the program easier to stick to if I vary my food choices. So don't eat the same type of protein, vegetable or fruit at every meal. Switch it around to keep your meals interesting.

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