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Can You Skip Melba Toast Some Days on HCG?

by Sue

Terri's Response: I never thought I would like Melba toast and really didn't know it could taste so good until I started HCG Weight Loss program. Maybe because the list of allowed food is so limited.

However, back to the question, can you skip it? Absolutely, in fact I skipped it the first week or so on the program until I realized it was on the menu plan. I guess I just didn’t see it. Once I realized the melba was there, I promptly added it in. Now, I love it and my favorites are the sea salt and the garlic. The family has even taken a liking to it.

More on skipping: here is the guideline for skipping any food on the program. Though I am not sure why you would want to skip but if you don’t feel like don’t feel like eating.

Yes, you can definitely skip anything you want BUT you can not “save” it for the next day. So if you skip your Melba toast on Wednesday, you cannot have it on Thursday...its gone. This goes for any items on the diet.

However, you don’t have to eat all your allowed food at one sitting. I usually would break my meals up. I would have my fruit mid morning, my toast late morning and my lunch (veggie and protein) in the middle of the day. Then an afternoon fruit in the middle of the afternoon, my Melba Rounds about an hour or so later, then my protein and vegetable at dinnertime.

The HCG diet has taught me to savor ever bite and to chew slowly and thoroughly. Seems to last longer that way.

One more thing...this HCG diet protocol was written before Melba rounds. In my mind, two rounds equals one toast, so you can have a little crunch 4 times a day.

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