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Can You Tell Me What is in the HCG that You Sell?

by Tracey

I hear alot about fillers and stuff and I have never ordered HCG before. Do people that have ordered from you have lots of success? Thanks!

Terri's Response: Hi Tracey, I am a walking testimony.... for over 2 years I was trying to lose weight . . unsuccessfully. I don't know if it was because of menopause or what but the weight would not come off until HCG.

I started it at the end of 2010 and have lost 40 pounds in less than 2 months. It is now the end of February, I just started up again to lose another 25 pounds to reach my goal.

If I stick closely to the eating program (unlike I did first round), I will probably reach my goal by the end of March.

The ingredients in the Harvest Moon brand I offer are: HCG for releasing stored fat, L-ornithine and L-arginine - amino acids for appetite suppression, L-tryptophan - amino acid that helps with anxiety - so you won’t get overly anxious about your limited calorie diet. It is in an alcohol base (for delivery) with no fillers.

I work directly with the manufacturer. I have always been wary of diet pills and such so I was reluctant to try the HCG. I had it in my hand and didn’t try it for over six months until I saw my cousin lose 25 pounds in 45 days. My weight loss has been a bit quicker than that...averaging 5 pounds a week. I am absolutely in awe of the results.

Here are the results of a few others that are on the same brand - See Results

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Oct 08, 2015
by: Anonymous

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Sep 16, 2015
good post
by: Aabir

Well! I'm reading first time about HCG because i don't have any information about it. Therefore, happy to read this article which cause to increase my knowledge about it.

May 23, 2014
2014 formula
by: Anonymous

I am wondering about the 2014 formula.. does it still have any homeopathic HCG? that can be true if made outside the US who banned it 3 year ago I think.. I too had a great response did not need to lose much so 21 days I lost 11 lbs.. I didn't maintain the after diet though all that well and would like to go an even shorter round for 7-9 lbs.

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