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Can you use Clinique Skin Care on hCG Diet?

by Anonymous

Coach Terri's Response: People are always quite surprised by this part of the HCG protocol. What we put on our skin and hair really does go into our bodies. So when using skin and body care products, you want to be sure you go with the ones that are as natural as possible.

Since you are not supposed to use any oils on your skin when on the HCG diet program, it can be challenging to find products you can use.

If you like the Clinique products, there are a few that you can use including a couple of cosmetics and foundations.

Using the right solutions can really be an asset when you are on this type of eating program. If you stick to the rules, you will get very impressive results.

However, if you don't stay within the guidelines and use oil based cosmetics, skin and body care, you can certainly sabotage your success with this weight loss program.

Losing pounds is difficult enough but when you can easily change your skin care regimen to include oil free cosmetics AND support your efforts, why not? This is just one of the easier steps to take to help you be more successful with your dieting efforts.

I have done some research to find products that can work with you. Take a look at the allowable body care and make up so you can adjust your body and skin care regimen to get the best results.

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