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Can you use Neutrogena on HCG?

Terri's Response: According to Simeons, the researcher that published information on the HCG HCG weight loss program, you are not allowed to intake oils or use oil based products while you are in Phase 2 of the diet plan - the weight loss phase.

That means that many skin care products, cleansers, foundations and cosmetics are not allowed if you want to get the best results from the eating program --- up to a pound a day.

I researched many skin and body care products that would be acceptable to use while on HCG. Fortunately, I was able to find a number of them that are acceptable.

So can you use Neutrogena on the HCG diet, Well, yes and no. Some products are not allowed because they are oil based while there are other that can be used. They have cosmetics and foundations that you can use will you are on the protocol.

Other popular brands that have allowable items are Clinique, BodyShop and Alba. Take a look at the HCG Skin Care page to see what you can use.

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