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Are You Constantly Hungry on the HCG Diet?

By Terri David

One of my clients said, “I am constantly hungry on the HCG diet. My husband and I started HCG program on 23 Mar.'13. We did fine, lost 12 lbs in 10 days, now suddenly, we're both going through huge cravings issues. He drinks his alcohol, few shots everyday as he doesn't know how to resist the craving. I cheat, gave up my diet, eat starches, sugar, I do not what to do, and feel very bad about the whole thing.”

First of all, though the HCG diet usually boasts that you will not be hungry, sometimes people do get hungry. Especially if you are an active person. One of the reasons for that is that our foods today are not as rich in nutrients as they were when the HCG program was born in the 1950's. So we don't get as many of the nutrients we need and we can get hungry when we are using HCG to lose weight.

This is a great reason to start taking a whole food vitamin and mineral complex

Second, sometimes the hunger is more that we are used to eating not true hunger. Listen to your body better to discover if its true hunger or the mental/emotional absence of food. One of my colleagues said it best when she was on the program "I am not hungry but I want to eat."

If you feel that you are constantly hungry while on the HCG diet, here are my thoughts on what you can consider:

  1. If you have sugar cravings, that can easily be solved - there is an amino acid that can help called L-Glutamine.  When used properly this can be a great help in getting rid of sugar cravings.

  2. Stay hydrated. Often times dehydration is masked by hunger. Drinking the proper amount of water is essential on this program to flush out the fat and also get rid of any dehydration that is masked.

  3. Add in another HCG appropriate meal  - or 1/2 a meal. Due to what I mentioned earlier about our foods not being as rich in nutrients, your body may need the extra nutrition.

  4. Consider taking a "real food" multivitamin for additional nutrition. This again will add to the nutrition your body needs. When we are lacking proper nutrition, we can experience hunger. Real food or whole food vitamins are much more bio-available so you can get the most out of the supplement you are taking.

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