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Dr Oz Pregnancy Hormone Diet

By Terri David

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Although the program has been coined as the "Dr Oz Pregnancy Hormone Diet, it has been around quite awhile. But since Dr. Oz is such a well known personality in the United States, people started naming it after him once he aired information about it on his show. 

A.T.W. Simeons, M.D. put the HCG+Diet program together in Rome back in the 50’s and referred to his work as “Pounds and Inches:A New Approach to Obesity”.

Even though Simeons discovered a weight loss use for the hormone, it became popularized by Kevin Trudeau, who made it well known through his book The Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You to Know About.

Dr Oz Pregnancy Hormone Diet - Does It Work?

The point of it all is that it works. I have gone on the Pregnancy Hormone Diet before I knew it was called that and reduced my weight by 45 pounds in 9 weeks. Sounds kind of hokey, doesn’t it. Believe me, no one is more amazed than myself as I had been trying to get rid of this weight for quite awhile. You know the story, tried every diet there is and just can't seem to stick to it or can't lose weight on it. 

There is a specific HCG diet protocol for you to follow. The closer you stick with it then the better your results will be. The more you deviate from it, the less impressive your results will be. And I really am speaking from personal experience. Now some folks use injections or sublingual that you have to get through a medical doctor.

My preference on such things is to use a natural alternatives whenever possible, so I used HCG Homeopathic drops. 

I have put together a ton of information for you to learn about the HCG Weight Loss Program so you can make the decision that is right for you. I even have the product I used for these incredible results available to you.

So if you are ready to get started, you can go ahead and purchase HCG now and read about the program while you are waiting for your delivery. Just so you know, you need to eat normal for about a week before you start your reducing program. Start reading more about the diet plan here.

You can learn more at HCG Fat Loss.

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