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Fast Weight Loss Success Story

How I lost 17.5 pounds in 22 days

By Terri David

My Fast Weight Loss Success Story -- The Beginning:
I was over fat and unhappy with myself. Here I am preaching health and wellness while I am overweight and my blood pressure is climbing and my cholesterol too.

It was Thanksgiving and I was going to see some of the family I really don’t see that often.

I was embarrassed so I made sure I wore a jacket I could wear inside my cousin’s house so that I would not have to take it off and let my family see how fat I had gotten. Have you ever done that? Was I ever disappointed in myself.

Then I get to Thanksgiving dinner and my sister-in-law had lost 35 pounds since I last saw her during the summer and my cousin had lost over 20 pounds in the last 45 days....

Talk about feeling even worse about myself....

So, of course, I asked my sister-in-law how she did it... Jenny Craig... Well, I realized that is a great program but not for me. as it is prepared meals. How do I do that with children that I have to fix meals for anyway, plus the cost was more than I was willing to spend...

As I started talking with my cousin about her wonderful accomplishment, I discovered she was using a product called HCG while on a very low calorie diet. I had heard about HCG diet successes in April. My friend Terence had given me a complementary bottle to try and see how well it worked for me. Well, I never started using it for more than a day.

I read that you actually lose about a pound of fat per day. I thought, no way, doesn't seem possible or healthy.

My cousin told me her thyroid was off. My thinking was if her thyroid was off and she had this kind of result with the product....hhhhmmmm. She is also a nurse so knows the medical side of things. How well would I do with this with a normal thyroid.....

Now was the time to do this.... I know what was I thinking, certainly the homeopathic bottle of HCG I had would easily last me 23 days.

As I starting reading more on the HCG Weight Loss Program, I discovered that if I took the injections this is the type of program you go on for 23-45 days, then maintain before you go on another round. However, with the Homeopathic formula I was using, if I chose to, I could be on it indefinitely (or until my weight loss started to slow) and keep losing.

Surely I could last 3 weeks. If I started right after Thanksgiving, I would be done by Christmas and it would not be so hard to follow when the kids were off school.

Fast Weight Loss Success Story --- Day One

Starting weight 189.5.... my highest weight ever.... other than when I was pregnant. I took my other vital statistics. I measured my waist..43 inches (uuggghhh, I hate to even put that in print).

My blood pressure, which had been going up and down was at 152 over 91. I knew that meant it was time to make some major changes.

My first day, I lost 4 pounds, but I just contributed that to water loss. The truth for me would be in the next couple of weeks.

Everyday, I would carefully measure everything so I knew I was staying on the HCG diet program...especially if it worked as I would want to share it here.

I would think that on such a low calorie diet, I would have some side effects ....lethargy, headachy, and shaky. But the truth was I still had good energy, why even on the first two days, I was doing a lot of Christmas shopping so I was on my feet and on the go all day..... still felt fine.

Fast Weight Loss Success Story--- Week One

At the end of a week I had lost exactly one pound a day. Yeah! So far so good. Let's see if I can break the 180 mark as I was still not convinced.

I hadn't been able to get past the 180 mark in a good two years...
Blood Pressure on the 5th day - 123 over, what an improvement!
Although, you shouldn't be hungry on the HCG weight loss program, I have to admit at the end of the first week. I was a bit hungry. That has actually been one of my problems, that although I eat healthy, I like to eat... alot.

Since I was hungry, I did cheat..just a bit. I didn’t have any junk food, sugar or starch but did have extra calories when I ate sloppy joe mixture without the bun.
And the following night I ate a slightly breaded (with butter too) chicken breast. Again, not an awful deviation but a deviation none the less.

Fast Weight Loss Success Story --- Day Nine

Ok I am a week and a half into the HCG diet plan and I had spilled some of my drops and now I was out. I would be getting some in the mail but know that I will miss my first two doses.

I did get the HCG drops in the mail, but because I was out for part of the day, I did eat an extra meal...seemed reasonable.

I ate low glycemic, similar to what the protocol is for the maintenance phase. Yeah, they did get here when expected. But I think as far as the program, I am ok.

Fast Weight Loss Success Story --- Day Twelve

12 days, 12.5 pounds = 177 pounds, I never thought this would work for me...... however, I was now under 180, and have not been able to get there after trying for a year...woohoo!

Unfortunately, I cheated that evening. Seems like I like to cheat. My kids had some friends over and we had pizza. I had the cheese off the top of one slice...lots of fat....very little sugar or starch..... It just looked and smelled soooo good.

Time to get back on the wagon.

Fast Weight Loss Success Story --- Day Fourteen

When I had started the HCG diet plan, I did not include the melba toast. However, I was at the grocery store and picked some up. I never knew melba toast could taste soooo good.

Fast Weight Loss Success Story -- Day Fifteen

Seems my Saturday pizza splurge caught up with me or the melba toast did. I jumped up a little in weight and am now working to get it back down...which is happening...

Its strange, that even though I am getting rid of weight quite quickly, it still seems slow....will I ever be happy?

Now the question was, should I stay on the HCG program for the 45 day course through Christmas or should I stop at the 23 day window for Christmas then start back up in January after a 3 week maintenance???

Decision... I would stay on the program for 22 days, then go off the plan for 5 days. For the plans we had over the holidays, this seemed best.

Fast Weight Loss Success Story --- Day Twenty Two

My 22 days of HCG diet success: Now remember, I cheated a little. However, even with the cheating, I lost a total of (drum roll please) 17.5 pounds. AMAZING!!!

In addition, I lost about 4 inches from my waist. I look in the mirror and I see a much thinner face too.
I truly had lost any hope of weight loss other than going to a fat farm.... so for me this was a small miracle. I have to thank Terence for sharing the HCG drops with me and to my cousin for her endorsement of the HCG weight loss program.

I wanted to make sure you had the information to make a informed decision. Is the HCG diet plan for you?
I have included information on my site that can provide you with what you need to know. After reading through the information, if you still have any questions please feel free to contact me. By the way, Terence was kind enough to make sure there was a way for my visitors to get the homeopathic HCG, so I also included a way to purchase the same HCG drops that I used. 

Fast Weight Loss Success Story --- Update..a couple months later

Great news, I have lost 45 pounds of fat. I am so happy!! All I can say is if I can do this, I know you can do it. This is one of the best things that I have done for myself. 

My blood pressure is lower into the normal range.

My cholesterol has gone from almost 300 to 123 and my blood sugar went into the lower range of normal. 

I do plan to go back on the protocol for another 20 pounds but decided to let my body balance out for a bit before tackling the rest.

Do youself a favor and get some HCG today so you can have a success story too.

You can learn more at HCG Fat Loss.

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