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HCG and Constipation

Constipation and Laxatives

Constipation and Laxatives

I am really constipated on this program. This is not normal for me. I feel funny even asking about it but I am usually pretty regular. What should I do?

Coach Terri's Response: Actually, This is not uncommon issue on the HCG diet. Due to the lack of oil and fat in your diet while on this program, your bowels will have a harder time moving things through.

This makes it extremely important to DRINK LOTS OF WATER. This is the simplest way to make sure you are moving well. And I am talking about drinking at least 80 ounces. It would be even better for you to drink at least 1 ounce for every 2 pound you weigh. Water is an essential element in weight loss (and your health) helping your digestion, metabolism, and so much more.

Again since the HCG weight loss program is so devoid of fats and oils, you may need to take in additional fiber. You can take a couple of different fiber supplements; one is called Benefiber, the other is Psyllium.

Neither of them add calories or carbs, and have no added sugar so both are virtually no long as you get the right kind. Psyllium is bulky and gritty to drink--yuck - so you may want to get this in capsules. The Benefiber gets mixed with water and you don't even know its there.

With either of these fiber products, you still have to drink your water. The water is not only to help the colon move better but helps maintain your metabolism and flushes out the toxins you are expelling as you are burning your fat away.

So whether you are on the HCG diet program and are getting constipated or just have irregularity, water and fiber can certainly help your symptoms.

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