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HCG Diet and Frozen Asparagus

Frozen or Fresh Asparagus?

Frozen or Fresh Asparagus?

Can you do frozen asparagus on hcg diet?

Terri's Response: Asparagus is certainly one of the allowed vegetables during the dieting phase (sometimes known as Phase 2) of the HCG weight loss program along with celery, onions, red radishes, spinach, chard, chicory, green salad, beet-greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, and cabbage.

My personal opinion is that it is always better to eat fresh than frozen or canned. Most of the vegetables, you can even eat it raw. There is so much more nutritional value in a fresh vegetable.

Another consideration is that when you think about the time that the protocol was created, our fresh fruits and vegetables were higher in nutritional value and our protein sources did not contain the chemicals and hormones they do now. So some HCG professionals do suggest that you go with organic fruits and vegetables and farm raised beef, lamb and chicken.

An added bonus, when you can't eat organically-grown foods, asparagus is known as one of the "Clean 15" --- conventionally grown fruits and vegetables which contain the least amount of pesticide residues.

Asparagus in particular contains a good amount of iodine. Iodine is an essential nutrient that helps metabolize excess fat (really good for the HCG program!) and is needed for a healthy thyroid. Studies have also shown that low iodine levels in people with depression.

There is a program which includes this healthy vegetable that can even help you get rid of kidney stones. But I digress.

Yes, you can eat it frozen...if you need to but fresh is always better, healthier and contains more nutrients.

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