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By Terri David

One of the challenges is finding HCG diet body care products, one that contain no oil. The weight loss protocol says ”no oil on your person.” So that means most cosmetics, foundations, dry skin lotions, facial moisturizers etc. are off limits. However, after some careful research, we found some great products for you to use that also follow the diet guidelines.

These skin care products are oil free and reasonably priced. Keeping my skin moist normally in a harsh Michigan winter is a challenge so I knew this would be an issue I needed to take care of on the program. So let's make sure you are able to still look good and feel good too.

Now, some of them don’t have pictures but don’t let that stop you from purchasing. Most of these are well known cosmetic brands, you may have even heard of some of the names: Clinique, BodyShop, Alba, Neutrogena and a few more.

Not all of the products from each company are acceptable for this “oil free” plan, so I have carefully selected the ones that you are able to use while you are on this eating program. These body and skin care products will keep your hair, body and skin vibrant.

Here is to you looking good!

One more comment I will add: If you can try to not use anything on your skin, there is a benefit. You see, one of the side benefits or side effects of the HCG weight loss program is that you are cleansing you body by eating so well and leaving out processed foods. When you put anything that is not totally natural on your skin, you are thwarting the cleansing process. Though these products are high quality as far as skin care, some of them still have ingredients that are not natural to your body.

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