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HCG Diet Cheating

By Terri David

Ha, Ha, Ha! You already want to know about HCG diet cheating and you just started the HCG weight loss program. So very funny. Just like with any other program, you can still lose weight, but you may slow down the process if you don't stick to the program guidelines.

Lower Body Fat Results

There are several different ways you can bend the rules on this:

  • Use the approved food list but change the quantities.
  • Eat similar foods, not on the list.
  • Totally blow it and eat junk food, fat or other unapproved foods.

Approved Foods - Different Quantities

When cheating by changing the quantities of foods on the list, here is what I found worked for me. This may not work for everyone but you can test it. The proof will be in your fat loss results.

If you are hungry, have an smaller version of your meal. So instead of having 3 ounces of chicken breast, have just a few bites. Or add an extra apple in at the end of the day.

It's best not to eat more than is outlined at any one sitting. There were a few days I did have an "extra meal" and I still had good results.

I only did this after I had been on the program several weeks and knew what my "normal" weight loss was.

Similar Foods

What can I say, I do love to break rules as I am an ask forgiveness, not permission kind of person. I commonly replaced my vegetables with other veggies that were not on the list. Really, if its green and healthy, why not?

So for instance, broccoli is not on the approved vegetable list. However, it's green, non-starchy, and low calorie. Quite often I would use this as a replacement vegetable. Since I had two kids to feed and they don't like their greens, it saved me from making an extra veggie.

Again, I only did this after several weeks on the program when I knew what to expect.

Totally Blow It

Yes, I did do this too. And more often than not, got back on the bandwagon right away. However, I will say that every time I did totally blow it and eat completely off the program, I put myself about 3 days behind.

In other words, I had a 3 day set back. Not a lot of fun. I guess you can say I paid the price for my transgressions.

HCG Diet Cheating Wrap Up

For the best results, of course, don't cheat at all. However, if you are going to cheat, stay within the food groups on the program and you will have minimal, if not any, repercussions.

You can learn more at HCG Fat Loss.

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