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HCG Diet Information

The Basics of Weight Loss Success

By Terri David

So you want some HCG diet information and you are not sure if this is a right decision for you. What I will provide you with is the info that will give you the basics of the program.

  • You can lose up to a pound a day.
  • You eat a very low calorie diet.
  • You take an HCG supplement.

Lose A Pound A Day

Lower Body Fat

It sounds unbelievable but you can lose a pound a day. Did I lose a pound a day? Not quite, I averaged 5 pounds a week and for me that was a minor miracle as I had been unable to get rid of any fat for at least a year. I did speak with my supplier and he had one person that was losing closer to 3 pounds a day - can't even imagine that.

Of course that was a male, not female. Females just seem to lose weight a little slower than their male counterparts and that is certainly true in my case. But, hey, I was totally happy with the 3/4 pound weight loss per day. I had never been able to do anything like this. 

HCG Diet Information -Eating a Low Calorie Diet

Who would ever think that they could survive with eating 500 calories a day for a period of time, not be hungry and not put your body in starvation mode. When I was on the program, everyone kept asking me if I was hungry - no hungrier than usual. You literally live off the fat of the land. Your body burns the calories from your fat stores as energy. It targets the fat, not your lean muscle. 

Be careful about exercising as it is actually suggested that you don't exercise on the program.

You Take an HCG Supplement

You can take injections but that isn't the route I selected. I chose to use a homeopathic product. Why? Injections are expensive and I had no desire to stick myself with a needle or have anyone else stick me either. I also don't like the idea of taking it in such a concentrated form.

With the HCG homeopathic, I felt that it was a safer alternative and a more natural way to get my body to open my fat stores for use as energy.

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