HCG Diet Plan Store

By Terri David

Welcome to the HCG Diet Plan Store where I have put together helpful tools to assist you in reaching your weight goal. You can track your weight, record your measurements, find recipes or get rid of your craving. You can even set up an appointment with me to help you navigate the program or work with you to maintain your success. 

I do hope that you find the tools helpful and easy to use.

Please feel free to browse and let me know if you have any questions.

To Your Weight Loss Success,

Click here for pricing and ordering information of the HCG homeopathic that I used to lose 45 pounds.

HCG Diet Plan and Weight Loss program book

HCG Diet Plan & Weight Loss Program - How You Can Lose up to a Pound a Day

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Whatever You Do, Don't Go To The Gym

Stay Fit by Learning How to Exercise and Not Know It

Available at the Kindle Store

How To Eat More Weigh Less and Stay Young

Available at the Kindle Store

Craving Smasher Recording

The Craving Smasher

The Craving Smasher recording takes you through a visualization exercise to put an end to your craving for your favorite unhealthy food. Kept me away from M&Ms for over 10 years. Try it today and get rid of your food craving. Worth millions but priced at only $4.97 USD

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Automatic Goal Setting Audio

Automatic Goal Setting

Automatic Goal Setting has 2 steps. The first step takes you through properly defining and setting up your goal in a S.M.A.R.T. format for your weight goal. Then step two is a visualization to take your goal and put it in your time line so it is absolutely compelling and puts your body and mind into autopilot to achieve your ideal weight. Only $4.97 USD 

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Tracker Pak includes:

Food & Beverage Log

Daily Weight Tracker

Shopping List

Measurement Chart

Pound & Inches

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HCG Recipe e-Book

Jam packed with over 100 HCG diet plan recipes that you can use to keep the program interesting and the food tasty. Price: $27.00 USD

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