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Referred to as Phase 1

By Terri David

The first step in the HCG diet protocol is indulging. Yes, this is the most fun part of the program! You eat whatever you want! That's right anything - go wild, have fun! And start taking your HCG supplement.

Indulging on Donuts

Now, since I am a wellness coach, I do have to take issue with this. It is unhealthy to eat a lot of junk food so we will have to find a balance. Find foods that you don't eat a lot of because they are high in fat and/or calories, don't eat junk just for the sake of overeating or indulging.

So you can splurge on high fat nuts, good quality ice cream and you may want to throw in some pasta with a creamy alfredo sauce. So high calorie, high fat and for the most part healthy. When I say healthy, I mean indulge in nutritious foods and foods that have high quality ingredients.

Why Indulge?

Seems like indulging is the opposite of what you might want to do when you are going on a weight loss program. So here is how it works:

You want to keep your normal fat reserves fairly well stocked as it takes the 2-3 days of using the HCG homeopathic supplement before your body can access your abnormal fat stores.

These abnormal fat stores are the culprit in keeping you overweight.

But I Gain Weight So Easily

The truth of it is that if you are looking around on this website, you have been trying to lose weight for years and have been dieting on and off for years. And if you are anything like me in your dieting history, you gain weight so easily, as much as 6 pounds in just a few days so you might wonder if you can skip this part.

No, you can't skip it.

Don't worry about gaining weight at this stage of the HCG weight loss program. It will come off as soon as you start the very low calorie diet plan designed for quick and easy weight loss.

You might even find that you don't gain as much as you normally would during this part of the process.

Indulging Process for the HCG Diet Protocol

Here is the first part of the Indulging process:

  • Order your HCG.
  • Eat normal (in other words, don't even think of dieting) while you wait to get your HCG order to arrive.
  • Start taking your supplement according to the label directions. For the type I use, 3 sprays under the tongue 3 times a day.
  • For the first 2-3 days, indulge yourself.
  • After day 3, start eating according to the weight loss protocol.

You can learn more at HCG Fat Loss.

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