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HCG Diet Tips and Secrets

By Terri David

Ok, let's talk about the HCG diet tips and secrets. I do have a few I will share with you that worked for me while I was on the HCG weight loss program.

  • Measure yourself and weight yourself before you start.
  • Take a before picture.
  • Spread your food intake throughout the day, it lessens your hunger so you are not as likely to overeat.
  • Expect to carry a little extra water weight which will show up as no weight loss for the day, but it will show up the next day.
  • Stay focused on your goal, good health at a good weight.
  • You will never hear me say this again: weigh yourself everyday - since you lose weight fast this will keep you motivated.
  • Drink your water to keep your skin and body well hydrated.
  • Meditate or pray to keep yourself focused.
  • Buy clothes at the thrift store until you reach your goal weight, then have a shopping spree.
  • Take time for yourself.
  • If you do get hungry, drink some more water, add another meal in you day as a treat.
  • If you get stuck at the same weight for a few days, do the "eat apples all day" trick to jumpstart. If that doesn't help, go on maintenance for a couple of weeks.

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