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HCG - Eating Out Diet

How to Eat When You Are Out and About

By Terri David

HCG Eating Out Diet -So you are going to go on the HCG weight loss program or maybe you are already on it and just not sure what to do when you have had a busy day.

While you should stay on the HCG weight loss protocol, there are going to be times that it just doesn’t happen as life can get in the way. Try your best to not eat out for the first couple of weeks until you have a good idea of how much you are allowed to eat.

I did tend to stay home alot when I was in the weight reduction phase of the program . However, I will share a few secrets of how to stay “close” to on the program And still be able to eat out or on the go.

Eating - On the Go

I know I shouldn't suggest this but in our society today, it just sometimes happens. If you are having to eat on the go, grab a grilled chicken salad from McDonald’s, with some lemon wedges (if they have them.)

The croutons come separate so you can easily avoid those. Eat the salad, slowly. Use the lemon instead of dressing (you can save the dressing for maintenance). Hand the croutons back to the restaurant and enjoy.

When I ate the salad, I would try to remove some of the shredded cheese from it, but that can be difficult. For the most part, you will stay on the program, just don’t make it an everyday occurrence.

HCG Eating Out Diet

Many restaurants offer portions large enough that you can probably make two meals out of it. After you are on the program for a couple of weeks, you can judge what the proper meal size is without using your kitchen scale, though keep it handy anyway.

Option 1:
Ask for a green salad with grilled chicken. Depending on the restaurant, your serving may actually be enough for two meals. Ask for the salad plain with lemon wedges.

Use your lemon for the dressing and enjoy. When you are eating smaller amounts of food like you do on this program, you begin to really enjoy the taste of simple foods that you would not have eaten plain before.

Option 2:
Order a dinner salad, vegetable of the day and grilled chicken, fish or steak. Again, you have to watch the portions but this allows you to eat out with friends and family and stay on program. As with the option 1, you have to watch your portion size and may find that you have enough for 2 meals.

Option 3:
Check out the kids menu: the smaller portions with a vegetable and a lean protein might be just the ticket for an appropriate HCG meal.


If you go off your HCG diet plan and you eat a little more fat or carbohydrates, you will notice a difference in your results. You will most likely still lose some fat but it will slow down your progress. Stay as close to the protocol as you can and you will definitely benefit.

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