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HCG Injections for Weight Loss vs HCG Drops

By Terri David

If you are considering HCG injections for weight loss, you may want to contemplate using HCG homeopathic drops. These diet supplements are the perfect solution if you are hoping to decrease your weight. The relationship between this supplement and weight loss is not something new. In fact, people have been using HCG to support a weight loss inducing diet for close to 60 years now.

Over that time period, many innovations have been made to the diet that most will find enormously helpful. The most obvious benefit is the fact that the previous process of HCG injections for weight loss has been effectively replaced with homeopathic HCG drops version.

For many, this is incredibly helpful news because needles do not exactly invoke positive images in people's minds.

Shots vs Drops

It is true that injections can deliver results and since it is not easy to maintain a 500 calorie per day diet, HCG injections do boost the potential to for fat burning to take place. However, if you are like most people, you are not exactly thrilled with the notion you have to undergo regular injections.

The Downside of Injections:

  • There is pain associated with injections.
  • Swelling and discomfort is a common after-effect of injections.
  • There is a decidedly negative psychological effect associated with injections.
  • Traveling to an HCG weight loss clinic is inconvenient.
  • Injectable HCG is quite costly.

The Upside of Injections:

  • You are under the supervision of a trained health professional.
  • They work.
HCG Injections for Weight Loss

Yes, the HCG injections for weight loss do work, however, so do the homeopathic drops. Most importantly, the development of homeopathic HCG drops makes the process of receiving injections unnecessary. In fact, arguments can be made that the homeopathic version for absorbing the HCG could provide even better results. All of these issues should be taken into consideration prior to making a determination on the which form of HCG you want to take.

In other words, don't assume that the only way to get great benefits would be to undergo a troubling series of injections. That really would not be necessary! The homeopathic version will work just fine. It did for me.

It comes in liquid form and it is absorbed through placing droplets on the tongue. We have an easy sprayer that comes with each bottle. This might not seem as compelling as injecting the solution into the bloodstream but it will get to the bloodstream nonetheless.

Once it is inside the bloodstream, the solution will do what it is intended to do which is reduce hunger pangs, open fat stores for fuel and keep the metabolism working effectively.

Yes, this will all be achieved with the same efficiency and effectiveness that the traditional injection mode is intended to deliver. This may seem surprising to some but it is true. You do not need to go through the hassles of dealing with needless injections to get the weight loss results you want.

The costs associated with the homeopathic HCG diet supplements are much lower than the common costs associated with injections.

So the questions come to: Do you really want to pay for expensive doctor visits when a viable alternative exists?

More than likely, you will find this alternative a better solution. It is less expensive process and one that promotes a less intrusive procedure.

Why not look towards the much more effective homeopathic method? It delivers the results and does so with even less cost. Consider these attributes an example of the benefits to using HCG homeopathic diet supplements.

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