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By Terri David

"I Lost 45 Pounds in 9 Weeks on the
HCG Weight Loss Program."

With HCG Online, you can create the body of your dreams in a very short time.

Are you trying to lose weight? Find that you just can’t stick with a diet when you aren’t seeing results? Having trouble shedding those stubborn last few pounds? The truth is. . .unless your body starts to drop fat, you will remain stuck right where you are.

Before and After Losing 48 Pounds on HCG

So, how do you drop the fat and do it fast?

It’s no secret that your body burns calories to function. The formula is pretty simple. If you kick up your metabolism, you burn more calories. If you burn more calories you lose weight, right?

Well. . .sort of! You see the body is programmed to protect fat reserves. That programming served early man well because food was scarce. But it isn’t so helpful to the modern man (or woman) trying to lose the flab!

Losing Almost A Pound A Day
Isn't Possible?
Think Again!

Most diets rely on simply consuming less calories than required. Sound good, right?

But there is a problem. The body’s first preference is still to protect fat. So, after you burn up sugar calories, your body looks next for muscle. Say what? Yep, that’s the problem with many diets. If you aren’t careful, you lose muscle and that’s not good.

Of course, you could spend the next year at the gym to assure that you keep lean muscle while you are dieting. But that can be hard to do until you reach your weight loss goal!

So, if you’re anxious to find a diet plan and don’t have months to wait for results, here’s the good news:

When you start using HCG, you can start
burning fat immediately. . .almost overnight!

Yes, that’s right. Instead of waiting or being frustrated with one failed diet after another, you can drop as much as a pound a day. . .safely.

All you have to do is order HCG online.

Now you may be wondering what the heck is HCG and why is it so critical in losing fat? Great question.

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadtropin. It is a natural hormone produced by the body during pregnancy. You see, when a woman is pregnant, the HCG allows her body to access fat stores to assure both mother and baby have adequate calories.

That’s the basis of the HCG Diet Plan. . .

And it really works! You see, when you order HCG online you receive a homeopathic supplement and not an inorganic compound. It works in natural harmony with your body to change the way metabolism works. On an HCG Weight Loss Program, your body can go directly to fat deposits for energy without attacking muscle first.

And that’s not all!

In addition to helping you lose the fat, HCG can lower your risk for heart disease and diabetes as well! Wouldn’t you like to be thin and healthy?

Well, it’s up to you. Do you want to continue to struggle with weight issues or are you ready to try a new approach and grab your supply of HCG online?

It only takes a minute to order just the right quantity of HCG online.

It’s easy to determine exactly how much HCG you should order by the amount of weight you need to lose.

• Purchase one bottle if you need to lose up to 30 pounds
• Purchase two bottles if you need to lose up to 60 pounds
• Purchase three bottles (the best deal) if you need to lose up to 90 pounds

But wait. . .there’s more!

You see. . .I’ve been in your shoes and I want you to experience the fantastic results I did.

In only 9 weeks I lost 45 pounds of fat, my blood pressure went from 150/90 to 103/75 and my cholesterol decreased from 300 to 123.

I know an HCG Weight Loss Program can get boring. So, if you purchase HCG online today, I’ll throw in an HCG eCookbook free!

That's a $27 value. The cookbook is packed with yummy recipes sure to keep you happy and satisfied while you drop the pounds.

Are you ready for a new, slimmer you?

All you have to decide is how many bottles to purchase, then just order HCG online.

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