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By Terri David

I pride myself in my ability to make some truly interesting HCG recipes. These recipes are among my personal favorites and I enjoyed the finished product.

I want to share them with you because I know you will find a lot of value in these particular selections as well from my recipe book. Oh, don't worry, these recipes do not result in a bit more than cardboard. No, they all have a great taste and you will definitely find them appealing.

The recipes are provided in an easy to follow manner. Nothing presented in my personal recipe selection will be anything that is too hard to duplicate. Even those that are novices will find the recipes to be easy to follow!

Breaded Tilapia for the HCG Diet

A lot of variety will be found in the mix as well. You will not see a repeat of the same old, same old recipes recycled time and time again. No, there will be a great mix of different recipes that cover all manner of different tastes. Even the most discriminating visitor will find a selection they find a lot of value in.

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I also want to share a few items that I consider essential to the HCG weight loss program.

  • Vegetable broth - lower in fat and calories. I usually will get the organic.
  • Stevia, all Flavors - a natural non-caloric sweetener that comes in a variety of flavors.
  • Lemons - great for flavor and help with the fat burning process
  • George Foreman Grill - This is sooo valuable, I keep it on my counter and use it everyday. I just pop in the protein and in about 5-7 minutes, my meal is ready.
  • Kitchen Scale - A must. I used this religiously for the first week when I was making HCG recipes. I now use it regularly as needed. I did measure everything the first week and then I had a sense of appropriate quantities.
  • Calorie Guide - I also used a calorie guide a lot so that I stayed within my calorie limit.

Once again, none of the recipes presented here will be tough to actually make. They are simple, easy, and can always be tweaked slightly to fit each individual's personal tastes.

As always, the selections presented here will help you achieve all your goals with the HCG diet. You never have to worry about cheating or overeating if you use these recipes as your guide.

Helpful Hint: purchase a large package of pre-frozen individually packed tilapia and/or chicken. If you are hungry for a quick meal, just stick it on the Foreman Grill and you can eat in less than 10 minutes.

A Couple more HCG Recipes

Tasty Chili for the HCG Diet
Turkey Lettuce Wrap for the HCG diet

Need more tasty recipes, you can take a

look at Terri's HCG Diet Recipe Book

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