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What You Can Expect

By Terri David

So you may want to see some HCG results from the weight loss program. Everyone is different so its hard to say if you will get rid of the "one pound a day" that is the highly touted slogan for this program. But I truly believe you will lose fat faster than you have before.

If you are skeptical like I was, you may want to at least make sure it worked for others. What I have found is that most people that venture onto the HCG weight loss program can reasonable expect to decrease their weight by close to one pound a day. For me it was closer to 3/4 of a pound per day, which was amazing too me and considering the results from other programs I have tried--phenomenal!

There are tons of diets out there, both fad and legitimate. So the real decision is will this plan work for you? You may have looked at these other programs and said "will this work for me?" That is probably why you are here gathering more information and learning more about it.

HCG Results from Real People

25 pounds in 15 days - John D. - Chesterfield, MI

12 pounds in 18 days - L. Rambo

4 pounds in 36 hours - Jim R. - Waco, TX

9 pounds in 11 days - Teresa R.

15 pounds in 21 days - Terri D. - Mount Clemens, MI

Still Not Convinced

I totally understand, I was in the same place you were when someone handed me a bottle of the homeopathic. In fact, so skeptical, I didn't even try to do the HCG diet for 7 months. It wasn't until I saw that my cousin had lost 23 pounds in about 40 days using this program, that I took notice and decided to take the plunge.

So here is how in works, once you get the homeopathic or injection gets into your blood stream, you will find that:

  • your hunger decreases to the point that you can stay on the very low calorie diet.
  • your metabolism stays stable.
  • you have more energy than usual.
  • your fat will melt off your body.
  • you will be able to stay on it easier because it works so quickly.

Go ahead and learn more about the program so that you can see your own results.

You can learn more at HCG Fat Loss.

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