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HCG Side Effects

By Terri David

Do you really think there are HCG side effects? Just about everything we do has side effects: if we read, our eyes may get tired, if we sit too long, our back may hurt.

So is it really about the side effects or what may or may not harm us? What I want to do is point out some of the things I have heard on the street and share with you my thoughts and experience (remember I successfully lost weight with the program).

First of all, I want to mention that I really don't believe this program is any riskier than any other diet program on the market. In fact, I consider it one of the safer, although extreme, diets. Some ever refer to is as a fad diet - any time a weightloss program shows up on the news, it becomes a fad diet.

The HCG weight loss program is not anything new. It has been around since the 1950's and was popularized about 50 years later. It started out with taking injections to get the hormone into your body but has now graduated to becoming a much safer, less expensive homeopathic supplement.

With injections some people have experienced anxiety, irritability, and depression. However, with the homeopathic supplement, these types of symptoms are far and few between.

Blood Pressure

There is some concern that one of the HCG side effects might be increased blood pressure. That is not a good thing as obesity can cause that also. My personal experience is that my blood pressure actually dropped, not increased.

I had a friend who went on the program and at the time was taking a prescription for a metabolic disorder that helped manage her blood pressure. She started having headaches and went to her doctor. The result was that because of the eating program she was following with the HCG diet, her blood pressure was down TOO much, causing her issues. Having low blood pressure is not a good thing either.

If you are on some sort of medication for blood pressure or have other concerns, be sure to monitor it and check with your doctor.

Gall Stones

This is not a result of the hormone. The problem probably started long before and it would be best if you did a gall cleanse first. The reason why it might show up on this program is that you are eliminating much of the fat out of your diet and the liver and gall bladder are a little confused about their job.

Water Retention

Hey, you are taking a pregnancy hormone, what do you expect? All kidding aside, I did notice that I did retain water. The best way to overcome water retention is to drink more water.

Water is such an important part of our life whether or not you are dieting but so much more when you are. When you burn off the fat, it releases toxins and the best way to flush those toxins out is with plenty of fresh pure water. In addition, water will help you better metabolize your fat. Your body will be working more efficiently and be better able to burn off the fat.

Do not take if you have neo-plastic disease.

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