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Terri David

By Terri David

Where do I even start as your HCG Weight Loss Coach. Like you, I had been struggling with my weight forever. I think when I was thinner, I didn't even realize I was thin. In fact, if you look at my before and after pictures, you might notice that they aren't a full body image. Why, you might ask... I wouldn't let anyone take a picture of me because I was too fat. Really the first time in my life that I really did mind if someone wanted to take a picture of me.

I was determined to lose the extra weight, I couldn't afford not to. My kids need a healthy mom, especially a healthy older mom (my kids were born when I was 39 and 42-1/2).

My Genetics

My mom had diabetes and a hysterectomy when she was 40 and here I was having a second child at over 42. She also became diabetic when she turned 40 in addition to high blood pressure and cholesterol. Both my parents had their gall bladders removed in their 30's. My maternal grandmother became diabetic, Both my grandmother and mother died due to complications from diabetes.

I was determined to change by genetics, so far, so good due to a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition, internal cleansing and more. My only really unhealthy issue was my weight, yes that was genetic too.

As you might know, the risk of getting diabetes increases with being overweight.

Time To Get Serious

I was desperate to do something about my weight problem, not only from a health perspective but also from a self esteem perspective. I didn't want to be seen in public anymore, didn't want my picture taken and refused to buy anymore clothes.

Though I tended to eat a healthy low glycemic eating plan, I was able to get rid of some of the weight but not enough. I was over 50, post menopausal - and STUCK.

HCG Weight Loss Coach Skepticism

A friend of mine, Terence, is also the manufacturer of the brand of HCG I used. He handed a bottle of the homeopathic to me in April at a conference. I knew how homeopathics worked but had never heard of HCG. I let it sit in my cabinet for months until I saw my cousin, who happens to be a nurse, in November at Thanksgiving. (Won't tell you that I made sure I wore a jacket to Thanksgiving dinner to hide my fat.)

I had last seen my cousin in July and noticed she had put on a few pounds and in November, she was thin once again. In just less than 7 weeks she had lost 20+ pounds of fat. How did she do it??? HCG

So I came home, put my skepticism aside and started promptly on the program with the bottle I had held onto since April.

Coaching with Terri

Due to the quick nature of the HCG program, we would meet twice per week at mutually agreed time/day. We meet by phone, Skype or conferencing software.

One Week $79

For the Month $229

12 Week $649

HCG Weight Loss Coach Results

Well, I followed the rules - for the most part. I ate like a pig for the first couple of days while taking the HCG, then started on the very low calorie diet plan. 9 weeks later, I was 45 pounds lighter.

I will be the first to tell you that this program is not for everyone. However, if you are stuck like I was, then I suggest that you take a good look at the HCG Diet Plan.

As a Certified Wellness, Weight Management consultant and author, I can tell you there are a lot of programs that you can go on, whether you focus on being healthy or losing weight. You have to take both into account and do what is best for you. Being an appropriate weight for your height is not just about looks but about being healthy. You have to be sure that you are eating foods that provide nutrition to your body.

Take the steps today to achieve good health and weilness. One of those steps may be weight reduction.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss having me as your wellness coach.

All the Best

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