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By Terri David

You may be looking at the HCG weight loss program as you have heard you can lose weight quickly and effectively. Yes, you can lose the weight fast. In my first 3 weeks on the HCG diet plan, I was able to get rid of 17 pounds of unwanted fat.

HCG weight loss program leaves

The program touts that you can lose a pound a day. Well, I didn't make the pound a day but for me to lose that much it such a short time was nothing short of a miracle.I had the odds stacked against me: I was post-menopausal, had tried other programs with no success, I was over 50--I think you get the idea.

What Is It?

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadtropin and it is a relatively safe, reliable and effective fat loss tool. It is considered a hormone and is produced naturally by a woman's body during pregnancy. It impacts your metabolism and tells your body open up the fat stores so that mom and baby can get nutrition if it is needed.

I Am Not Pregnant

If you are not pregnant or not a female, the HCG weight loss program can still work for you with regards to weight loss. Using a sensible very low calorie diet, add HCG to the mix, and you can lose up to a pound a day. So the real question is that if you aren't pregnant, how do you get it into your system.

To get it into your system, you can use one of the two common forms of supplemental HCG:

1. Injections - You will need to get this from a doctor with a prescription and it is quite costly.

2. Homeopathic drops or spray - This is what I used to lose over 40 pounds and it worked great.

Program Overview

Since I did not use injections, I am focusing on the process using a homeopathic supplement. It differs a bit with the injections as they are taken in rounds--another story for another website.

  1. Order HCG based on the amount of weight you want to lose.

  2. Eat normally for the few days while waiting to get your HCG shipment. In other words, don't try to diet right now.

  3. Start taking the HCG as directed - if you purchase the one I used, you take 3 sprays, 3 times per day. Since it it a homeopathic, you should take it on a clean palate - be sure you don't eat, brush teeth, etc. for 30 minutes before you take it and 10 minutes after you take it.

  4. Once you start taking the HCG, for 2-3 days, eat whatever you want--that's healthy. This is the Indulging Phase. You want to build up the available fat in your body while the HCG is building up in your system.

  5. After indulging, you will start on the fat loss phase of the HCG weight loss program where you eat a very low calorie diet. Presuming you are using the homeopathic, you will stay on this phase until you see a slow down in your average weight lost over the course of a week (my slowdown started at about week 9) or if you reach you goal weight.

  6. Go on the the Maintenance phase. This is a very important part of the program. If you mess this up, you are more likely gain back the pounds you lost. This happened to me and I had to start the plan over again. Stay on maintenance for 3 weeks. If you need to lose more weight, then go back to Step #2. If you have lost the fat you wanted to, it's best to go on a low glycemic eating program as it is a very healthy lifestyle program that will also assist in making sure you keep the extra weight off.

Can You Do It?

I truly believe this program can work for you if you want it too. Like any other reducing program, you have to supply the motivation and determination and you can be successful.

You can learn more at HCG Fat Loss.

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