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How do I prevent gallstones on the HCG diet

by Jenan
(Macomb, MI)

I started the diet today. I recall having some gallbladder issues on this diet. Do you recommend something for it?

Coach Terri's Response: Hi Jenan, thanks for asking. If you have had any gallbladder problems, some people have found more frequent gall bladder issues when using HCG.

The most reasonable explanation is that due to the almost complete absence of fat from your diet, the normal emptying of the gall bladder is thwarted.

However, there is no evidence that the Human Chorionic Gonadtropin itself causes gallstones.

Gall bladder attacks can be very painful and we really don’t want you to have one. My suggestion would be to go on a natural program to dissolve the gall stones.

If you have had any type of gallbladder or gallstone issues, consider going on a natural gall cleanse before starting the weight loss protocol for the HCG program. Consider it essential to your success.

A little on my gall stone story: I did do the natural gall cleanse before I even was introduced or knew about HCG. I was doing it because of my own health issues having had 3 attacks in less than one year. Considering both my parents had gall bladder surgery before 40 years old, I feel very fortunate that the cleansing I did worked so well. I am over 50 and still have my gall bladder intact.

I certainly prefer cleansing to any sort of surgery. God gave us the body part for a reason and I just assume keep it where it belongs, working well, if I can.

What I will say is that having been on HCG diet program after doing the gall stone cleanse, I had absolutely no gallbladder issues whatsoever.

For your own health, get those gall stones dissolved first before going on any dieting plan. Your body will be better able to metabolize fat and you will feel so much better.

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