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How To Stop Sugar Cravings

Naturally and Safely

By Terri David

So you want information on how to stop sugar cravings. Whether you are on the HCG weight loss program or any other diet program, this natural and safe method may be your answer.

First of all, let me mention that you will not typically be craving sugar after the first few days on the HCG diet. If you crave it after that point it it typically a mental craving, not a physical one. However, if you do have cravings, there are two things that I would do if I were you to beat sugar cravings:

1. Start taking a chromium supplement. Chromium supports the pancreas for better utilization of the insulin in your body.

2. Start taking L-Glutamine. This is an amino acid that your body uses to help regulate your blood sugar levels.

Why Take Chromium?*

Chromium has long been known to support the pancreas and regulating blood sugar thus reducing sugar cravings. Most Americans do not get enough chromium in their diet even though it is available in foods such as: bananas, eggs, spinach, meats, brewer's yeast, cheese and whole grain breads.

It is a supplement our body needs and many times do not get enough of. A quality multi-vitamin should take include it and the recommended daily usage is 200 mcg.

It is also useful in synthesizing cholesterol, proteins and fats. However, you do have to be cautious with this because if you take too much it will lead to toxicity.

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Why Take L-Glutamine?*

L-Glutamine works great on helping control sugar cravings. A dietician shared this with me on how to stop sugar cravings so I have used this myself and it works.

Using the powder, place a teaspoon in a glass of water, stir until dissolved. There is a slight flavor but nothing distasteful. Be sure to take in on an empty stomach as that is how it works best.

It helps to regulate your insulin levels which control the level of sugar in your blood.

Some of the additional benefits:

  • Supports your immune system by providing energy to your lymphocytes (also known as immune cells.)
  • Helps with leaky gut syndrome by providing a barrier so that the undigested food and toxins don't enter your bloodstream.
  • Helps the intestines absorb more nutrients.
  • Improves your mental functions such as alterness, memory and concentration by transporting nitrogen to your brain.
  • Helps Build and maintain muscle.
  • Helpful in the treatment of tissue damage due to radiation.

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*With taking either of these nutrients, if you are on any type of medication for balancing your blood sugar or insulin, please monitor as this may change the need for your medication.

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