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I was instructed to take the same hCG dosage once a week versus everyday will the results be the same if I still folow the diet plan?

by Mark

I took my first hCG shot today, I plan following the diet plan, will the results be similar even though I was instructed from my doctor to take one injection a week (same dosage, just at once)?

Terri's Response: Hi Mark, first of all good luck to you on the hCG weight loss program. I had such great success with it and certainly wish you the same.

Your question is best answered by your doctor. I really don't work with the hCG shots, my entire 48 pound weight loss was done using the homeopathic drops on a daily basis.

Your doctor knows what he or she prescribed, the product, the dosage, the strength, etc. so that would be your best source.

My preference is always something more natural, like homeopathy, and also substantially less expensive.

Either way, its great that you are taking the road to a healthier lifestyle.

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