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Is sugar free jello ok on the HCG diet if desperate for a snack?

by Dianna

Only 5 calories per serving. Is it ok to work this into daily menu?

Coach Terri: Hi Dianna,

First of all, I want to applaud you on taking on the HCG program. I do understand wanting something that has some additional flavor as the eating choices can get a little boring unless you add some creativity to your menu. Unfortunately, I don't recommend, endorse or suggest sugar free jello (or regular jello with sugar) for so many reasons -artificial flavor, artificial color, artificial sugar - all of which are very toxic to your body whether you are on the HCG Diet Plan or not.

I do have a several suggestions and alternatives:

  • If this is really what you want. An alternative might be to get some unflavored gelatin (Knox) which contains only gelatin, add a serving of strawberries -smash them up first and then a few drops of stevia - flavored if you like.

    I am not sure how many servings a gelatin packet makes, but you may want to add as many servings of fruit and make several small bowls that you can have during the HCG diet protocol. Unflavored gelatin has very few calories and is more of a protein source so fits in well with HCG.

  • I think a client of mine said it best “I am not hungry but I want to eat.” So much of what we want is in our head and not in our stomachs. So I would like you to consider my downloadable Craving Smasher audio. If you start having cravings for certain unhealthy foods. This is a perfect solution to getting rid of cravings for that food or treat.

  • As I mentioned earlier, since the food choices are limited, creativity is essential when making your meals which is why I offer an HCG Recipe book. There are over 100 delicious recipes in it and tons of tips and ideas to make meal planning and preparation quick and easy.

  • I wish you the best of success.

    ~Inspiring Wellness~

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