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Natural Sugar Substitute

By Terri David

What is a natural sugar substitute that you can use while on the HCG weight loss program?

While there are many sugar alternatives out there, most of the artificial sweeteners are extremely unhealthy just by virtue of their name “artificial”. Artificial means that it will typically be harmful to your body since it is not a natural food and in most cases carcinogenic or can lead to other adverse health issues.

For instance, aspartame is a neuro toxin and can kill ants yet most “diet” beverages contain it and when I check at the grocery store, just about every package of gum has it. It's really unfortunate that we allow ourselves to consume it. A friend of mine even gets nerve tingling when she has anything with aspartame  - so please use a healthier alternative.

U.S. Approved

 Here are the ones that I would stay away from whether dieting or not. These are just plain bad for you. Even more so if you are dieting. Since you want your liver to metabolize (burn) as much fat as you can, you don't want to make it work harder to get rid of these toxins and ignore its fat-burning function.

  1. Aspartame - artificial - used in NutraSweet and Equal
  2. Stevia - natural - used in Truvia (along with erthritol - which isn't natural)
  3. Sucralose - the base of which is sugar along with chlorine - used in Splenda
  4. Saccharin - artificial - used in Sweet n’ Low
  5. Neotame - artificial - used in NutraSweet
  6. Acesulfame potassium - artificial - used in Nutrinova

Natural Sugar Substitutes:

Now, when I say natural that doesn’t mean it good for you in large quantities. Poison ivy is natural! Everything in moderation and if you are working on getting rid of your excess weight, then you still need to be cautious as to what types of natural sweeteners you use.

  • Agave - though promoted as low glycemic, it is high in calories and there is much controversy as to whether or not it is healthy for those watching their weight.
  • Maple syrup (not pancake syrup) - high glycemic, high calorie, Grade B is highly nutritious
  • Stevia -a natural herb which has a minimal effect on your blood sugar.
  • Sorbitol - used in toothpaste
  • Xylitol - comes from the fibers of fruits, used in gum and toothpaste, as sweet as white sugar but about 1/3 fewer calories.

These are by no means an exhaustive list but you get the idea. If you are seeking a substitute that doesn’t raise your blood sugar, has virtually zero calories, is not artificial, and works well while on the HCG weight loss program, then Stevia is the best bet as a natural and safe sugar substitute.

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