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On the HCG diet is it okay to eat frozen chicken or fish?

Frozen Chicken?

Frozen Chicken?

Terri's Response: Great question. As long as you cook the frozen fish or chicken before you eat it. :)

Actually, that is mostly what I eat. I can make an HCG meal in under 10 minutes.More information on my 5 minute meals article.

This is especially useful when I am hungry and want to eat right away.

I usually will buy chicken breast in a large package, usually on sale as I tend to have a frugal nature. When I get them home, I cut them up and using a kitchen scale I measure them and divide them into 3 ounce packages then stick them in the freezer.

With the fish, I buy frozen Tilapia individually wrapped.

When it is time to eat, I just pull out a piece of frozen fish or chicken, stick it on the Foreman Grill for 5-6 minutes, then let it set a little longer to finish cooking.

I just made my main entree in less than 10 minutes.

For the vegetables, I will prepare my greens ahead of time, I rinse and cut them then store them in a lettuce spinner.

When I put the chicken or fish on the grill, I pull the greens out of the fridge, weigh them, then lightly steam them for just a few minutes. Or I will just have a salad with fresh lemon juice.

Easy as can be though as I research more, I have found that people get better results by using natural farm raised sources of protein as well as organic vegetables.

However, if you are more of a cook then I am, you can look at my recipe book that has over 100 recipes for you to enjoy while you are on the HCG weight loss program.

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