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What happens if I skip a day or 4 on the diet?

I want to do this diet so bad so I lose weight for a cruise I am going on in mid-August, but I don't want to continue with it throughout the cruise and from what I read you need 3 weeks maintenance after. Can I stop it to go on the cruise and eat and drink? or would it just be better to say "ok not gonna happen for the cruise and start it after?"

Also what happens if you have a drink or 2 on this diet? I know you really shouldn't drink at all on any diet but if you do it doesn't really do anything but make you feel guilty. If I were to cheat one night because I went out and had a few drinks, can that hurt you?

Thank you

Terri Thanks for writing Lisa. Technically cheating can't phyically hurt you but it will hinder your results. So if you cheat with a few drinks, just expect that it will take a couple days to get back on track. So it really is your choice. If you want to lose the weight and succeed, stay away from the drinks. If you are okay hindering your progress, then go ahead and have a few.

As for the cruise, if you don't do maintenance then the weight you worked hard to get rid of will more easily return. And cruises are notorious for providing huge amounts of delicious tasting food. My suggestion would be to not eat any processed carbs or as little as possible on the cruise. Stick with the protein veggies and fruits.

Good luck and enjoy the trip.

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