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By Terri David

Ok, you want to know --- where can I buy HCG? Of course you can find it right here.

Of course, you can probably find HCG in multiple locations online. However, I can only speak to the quality of the product that I used. I work directly with the manufacturer of the product and offer the best quality for this Select Homeopathic Blend.

Because the HCG drops that I used are homeopathic, you can buy HCG without a prescription.

If you are not sure how much to buy, here is a general guideline (results will vary from person to person).

One bottle is best if you need to lose up to 30 pounds.
Two bottles if you want to lose up to 60 pounds.
Buy the three pack if you want to lose up to 90 pounds.

These real HCG drops are taken 3 times a day using 3 sprays each time. By taking it throughout the day, you keep the volume of this hormone at a consistent level in your body.

So if you aren't sure that you will get the results, you can. You can get fantastic results with HCG weight loss diet. This is truly one of the best natural weight loss solutions I have found. Believe me I have tried. Within the first 2 weeks of using HCG, I lost 13-1/2 pounds of fat.

Frequently Asked Questions - Where Can I Buy HCG?

In what form does your homeopathic HCG come? The HCG diet drops arrive to you in safety-sealed bottle with a sprayer and the instructions are included.

Is it made in the U.S.? Absolutely! There are several labs in the U.S. and my manufacturer has elected only the best supplier available.

Are there any restrictions regarding those who can use the preparation and diet? We always suggest that a person check with their health care practitioner before starting any diet process. However, HCG has been in successful use for nearly 60 years and is considered a natural cure for obesity.

During that period extensive testing has been conducted on people with almost every malady or illness and found harmless for side-effect or contra-indications in almost every case. Even, diabetic and hypoglycemic patients can use HCG without concern.

The 'remedies', as homeopathic treatments are called, work on everyone -- male, female -- young or older.

Are there any contra-indications for pregnancy? Neither dieting, nor use of HCG is advised during pregnancy.

Where Can I Buy HCG Shipping Information

Our standard method of shipping is USPS so you'll get your homeopathic HCG anywhere in the U.S. within 7 business days.

Canadian Customers: At this time we are unable to ship to Canada. We relabeled and made it available to you but it still would get "lost in the mail."

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